I'm Sonia Davies

and you are extremely welcome here

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I have always known that everyone can make their dreams come true

I'm here to make sure that you believe this too

Are you a Coach, Leader or Visionary who knows you are here to have an impact?

Do you feel like something is holding you back?

Do you get frustrated because you can’t make progress, even though you know you’re able to? (Let’s be honest - how many qualifications do you REALLY need before you start taking action?)

Would you like to have the confidence to take action and have the impact you’re here for, so you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of?

If so, I'm delighted you are here because I can help.

I’m a powerful and potent coach, with a beautiful blend of spirituality that I weave into my work where it’s appropriate.

I’m a powerful truth-speaker - my real talent is to illuminate exactly what’s going on for my clients that they are too close to see for themselves.

My mission is to enable you to live with the same level of joy, truth and authenticity that I do.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I need this but maybe later”, ask yourself truthfully - what’s stopping you from taking action now?

Because the longer you wait to start, the longer you won’t have the impact you know in your heart you are really here for.

And, frankly, that’s not fair on the rest of us.

I'm Sonia and I'm a Guide, a Healer and a Therapeutic Coach

I was a corporate girl all my life - until December 2022 when I left my Senior Leadership role in Adult Social Care.

After reaching the point of burnout in November 2021 I embarked on a journey of profound personal change.

I invested heavily in myself, working with a therapeutic coach who allowed me to realise that coaching is my passion and I wanted to pursue that full time. I’d been using coaching for about 15 years as a leader - but now it was time to really go all in. 

Since leaving my role , I’ve also had a massive awakening of my spiritual gifts - and after spending time shedding the conditioning that stopped me talking about them I am now fully integrating these profound gifts into my coaching work.

I am passionate about bringing the level of joy I have in my own life to others.

In fact, my mission is to make the world a happier place, one joyful person at a time.

I live in Bristol, UK with my artist husband. And one day, you'll see me on Masterchef!

* I am a qualified Therapeutic Coach with over 20 years experience of coaching

* I have experience as a Senior Leader in a Large Organisation

* I am qualified in Advanced Coaching Skills for Neurodiversity

* I have experience of living with ASD and ADHD

* I am trained in working with people who have:


- Aphantasia

- Anauralia

- Alexithymia

- Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM)

- Dysikonesia

* I am a qualified Soul Energetics practitioner

* I am a spiritual healer

* I'm a Pleiades Starseed, Life Path 8, Cancer sun, Taurus Moon, Sagittarius Ascendant, 3/5 Pure Generator

Want to know more?

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